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Singer | Rapper | Song Writer
Singer | Rapper | Song Writer
Singer | Rapper | Song Writer
Musician | Singer | Song Writer
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Mr. Every Day
The Chairman Founder & CEO of Past Life Ent Started in the business at the age of three on tour with his legendary God Father the late great Grammy award winning Gil Scott Heron known as The God Father of Rap. There really isn't anything Every Day cant do as he wears multiple hats as a creative writer, producer, recording artist, DJ and on air personality. Every Day is the brain child behind the Past Life Brand and is steadily coming up the ranks as a taste-maker for the industry.
Rhythmic Science
Born and raised in the famed 7th Ward of New Orleans, Rhythmic is a self-taught producer, recording, mixing & mastering engineer. It’s easy to hear the influences of his Costa Rican & Creole roots through his production & the seductive accent that caresses his lyrical flow. His soulful music dynamic ranges from the Dirty South’s intense hats, expressive 1970’s basslines, West Coast claps, touches of East Coast sampling, Latin discoteca, Latin jazz, & Classical Orchestra and Opera.
Gian Life
Gian does it all from Playing multiple instruments to Co Producing songs to rapping & singing. With his unique voice there is nothing like him in the game. Prepare for the musical onslaught, Gian Life is coming!
Kyng Dre
Dre Brings Tremendous Depth to the Past Life roster as a Writer, Singer, Rapper and Beat maker. With his powerful lyrics and soulful voice he is Literally a slam dunk.
Zach Hit
Zach is a jewel in the past Life camp with versatility as Beat maker, Producer, singer and Multi instrumentalist. As a solo Artist Zach's musical vibe is more on the Pop side clebrating amazing harmonies over eclectic Rhythms.
Alex Sophia
The Past Life
Never has such a diverse group of talented Artist been assembled in one group, with each member able to sing, rap, produce and play instruments. The Past Life approaches every song as if it where their last.
Racks City
When Solo Artist Big Hundo & Rockstar Rizz come together they form Racks City, The name taken form a deceased and beloved Cousin TUBU, who's tragic murder galvanized the community, creating TUBU Tuesday a day of remembrance each and every Tuesday. The duo Carry the torch in his honor and with the records they're making he has to be proud looking down from Heaven. Racks City spin street tales of struggle and pain only to triumph in the end.
Nana Star
Young Nena, Started rapping before the age of 10, by 15 she was writing, singing and recording and it was obvious form one song to the next that she would be a Star. Its safe to say The union of Nena & Past Life will be paying dividends for a very long time.
So Hood
So, known for his amazing freestyle capabilities and catchy hooks doubles as an A&R and Street Promotor for Past Life.
The EV & E Show
Past Life Radio
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